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Audio Sermons

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**To Listen to the audio sermons, click on the dates provided.
Date Speaker Title
04/30/2017 AM Pastor Jeremy Brewer  Colossians 1:1 
01/15 2017 AM Pastor Jeremy Brewer   Let Me Not Be Ashamed
01/16/2017 PM Pastor Jeremy Brewer   Hebrews Ch 12:1
12/21/2016 PM Pastor Jeremy Brewer God Sent His Son
12/11/2016 AM Pastor Jeremy Brewer    Discipleship After Salvation
12/04/2016 AM Pastor Jeremy Brewer  When The Devil Lies In Wait 
11/27/2016 AM Pastor Jeremy Brewer   Restoring The New Testement Church
11/16/2016 PM Pastor Jeremy Brewer A Little Leaven
11/06/2016 AM Pastor Jeremy Brewer  Studing the Scripture to Vote. 
10/30/2016 AM Bro Brad Smith
Youth Minister
Psalms 27
10/26/2016 PM Pastor Jeremy Brewer Cease Not
10/23/2016 PM Pastor Jeremy Brewer Matthew 15:9
10/23/2016 AM Pastor Jeremy Brewer  II Thessolonians 1:1-12 
10/19/2016 PM Pastor Jeremy Brewer The Danger Of Compromise
10/16/2016 Pastor Jeremy Brewer  Whats Right With The Church 
10/12/2016 PM Bro Micheal Deems 5 Things That We Must Do To Finish The Race
10/11/2016 PM Bro Micheal Deems Although You Knew All Of This
10/09/2016 PM Bro Micheal Deems Which Way Are You Looking
10/09/2016 AM Bro Micheal Deems So Soon Removed
09/21/2016 PM Bro Jeremy Brewer The Way
09/18/2016 PM Bro Brad Smith Ecclesiastes Chapter 5:1
09/18/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer The Sin Of Hindering Others
9/11/2016 PM Bro Jeremy Brewer He's Coming Back
9/11/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer The Great I AM
09/04/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer The Will Of God
08/28/2016 PM Bro Jeremy Brewer Who We Are Worshiping
08/21/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer Blind Worship
08/17/2016 PM Bro Jeremy Brewer The Measure Of A Strong Christian
08/14/2016 AM Bro Brad Smith In The Desert Place
08/07/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer The High Cost Of Unbelieving
07/31/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer Having Revival
07/24/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer Revive Us Again
07/10/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer A Country In Crisis
06/26/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer The Life of The Flesh In The Blood
06/19/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer Mercy In The Middle Of Your Mayhem
06/12/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer Worship In Spirit And Truth
06/05/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer Ezekiel 37:1-10
05/29/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer The Forsaken Element Of Salvation
05/21//2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer By What Name Have You Done This?
05/01/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer Heavenly Places
04/17/2016 PM Bro Jeremy Brewer What Pleases God
04/17/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer Availing Much
04/14/2016 PM Bro Ronald Guffey Failure Is Not Final With The Father
04/13/2016 PM Bro Ronald Guffey Worry Not
04/12/2016 PM Bro Ronald Guffey Three People Every Christian Needs
04/11/2016 PM Bro Ronald Guffey Heartless Devotion
04/10/2016 Bro Jeremy Brewer Sliding Downhill Spiritually
03/27/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer Many Infailiable Proofs
03/20/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer Rejecting Sodom
03/13/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer Jesus In The O.T. Feast Of The Trumpets
03/06/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer Jesus In The O.T. The Kinsmen Redeemer
02/21/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer Jesus ITn The Old Testiment, The Ark
02/17/2016 PM Bro Jeremy Brewer Jesus In The Old Testiment, Jesus In The Rock
02/14/2016 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer Jesus In The Old Testiment, Aron's Rod That Budded
02/07/2016 AM Bro Michael Deems The Factors
01/24/2016 Bro Jeremy Brewer Having A Heart Like Hur
01/13/2016 Bro Brad Smith Jonah
12/13/2015 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer A Women, Dragon And A Child
12/06/2015 AM Bro Jeremy Brewer Being A Friend To God

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