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Mission Statement
"We will take a living Christ to a dying world"
Our Vision:
"We realize that through Christ any person can be 
changed and that it is our utmost responsibility to 
share the good news of salvation with every person."

Our Purpose:
"We can and will offer those seeking help in Christ 
the following:

   A  place that is concerned for lost souls 
   A  place that is free of vain tradition
   A  place that is free of dead religion
   A  place that is concerned and compassionate
Our Responsibility:
"We realize that as Christians, we have a 
divine responsibility to the following:
The Saviour Above:  
"The Saviour must be Exalted"
"The Saints Within:  
"The Saints need to be Equipped"
The Sinners Without:  
"The Sinner needs to be Evangelized"

Our Program:
"We will offer this program on a regular basis, 
it has proven to be effective and fulfilling:

 Preaching     Praising      Praying
"It was noised abroad that he was in the house. 
And straightway many were gathered together, 
insomuch that there was no room to receive them, 
no, not so much as about the door: 
and he preached the word unto them."
Mark 2: 1 - 2

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